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Wow! Another Hop is here! Happy November FOLKS! I love this time of year. The leaves are changing the weather is getting cooler, I don’t have to run my air conditioner, we can sleep with the windows opened and feel the breeze come through. We are just weeks away from Christmas and not to mention 2 of my kids’ birthdays. The crazy time of year is approaching. Who am I kidding…pretty much all year is crazy around here.  We got another make over? Do you like the new look?

This Month I am sharing some Christmas cards from a recent swap I participated in. I love doing these swaps! They are so much FUN and you get some many awesome cards and ideas! Last month I shared the swap cards I made…click here to see them. This Month I am sharing all cards I received as part of the swap…I did not make these:). I still have unopened swap cards! Can you believe that! My life has been a bit crazy lately! Like most of us we all have a million things going on at once. Join my Facebook Group and I will be sharing the rest of my unopened swaps by the end of the weekend. How about a new one everyday until Sunday or maybe 2 a day….I am pretty sure there is a good handful or two left that I haven’t shared:)

All of these cards are from my fellow Demonstrators and we are all on the team Y-Knot-Stamp_everything! This is a late Halloween post so right now I do not have the info on the card maker but check back and I am hoping to update it soon!



Rick Adkins
Mary Blocher
Michelle Clarke
Janey Backer
Mary Ann Rossiter
Hannah Townsend
Tammy Gill
Libby Fens
Jessica Mink

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11 Responses to Blogging Friends Blog Hop

  1. Wow! That’s a load of cards! Someone has been busy! Great job!

  2. That black with the deer card is stunning. Nice lay out for Christmas

  3. That deer card with the black is stunning. Great layout of cards

  4. I love the look of the new blog hop logo. I hope Rick will lead you all well. I’m so envious Jessica of all the swap cards you share! Maybe I need to get back into participating in swaps again, because then I’d have so many more cards! I was short like 12 cards for Halloween this year! XO, Crystal

    • Awww thanks crystal! I participated in 2 differ ones this time so that’s why I have sooooo many! So glad you stopped by! I have so many swap cards from the past few years!

  5. I wish the swaps had watermarks for the demonstrators that made them.

    • I never know how to watermark swaps but feel they need them. I usually write below who made it but last night was chaos in my house. I guess watermarking with the demo name would be ok? It’s my picture but their card. You know what how about a made by: watermark that might work instead of putting under the card.

  6. Love the X Stitch tree card. I used to X Stitch so I almost ordered it! Almost…. Love them all. very creative team you have.

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