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Bentley’s Monster Party.


For Bentley’s second birthday I decided on a Monster theme. Of course his birthday was in May but this is part of the month long of blogging to catch up on things:)
We decided to have it at home and do the usual bounce house thing. The kids love those things and the guy we use for the bounce houses is awesome. He is a one man show so he drops it off when he’s in the area, so we got the bounce house Friday evening and he didn’t pick it up until Monday evening. The party was on Sunday. By the time the party got here the kids were all bounced out. They were so excited we got to keep it all weekend long. All the usual family and friends were here to help us celebrate.

The invitation I got from Big Day Invitations via Etsy. I also got a printable party pack to match the invites. I got a banner, 8×10 sign, cupcake toppers, water bottle/silverware wrapper, tent folds, and favor tags. I hope I remember everything that was included in party pack. You get a lot!  Oh and thank you cards…..something I did not take advatage of. I have been so so bad about writing thank yous. I feel horrible. But do know I am so grateful for everything our little dudes get on their birthdays. 

The chalkboard monster printable I got from Lollipop Ink via Etsy. I got it printed in a 8×10 and used washi tape to tape to mirror. 

Here is a close up of the chalkboard poster. I love it!And it’s something that we can keep forever and include with his scrapbook. But I forgot one of his favorite words {JEEP} and I noticed like the next day he really had 17 teeth. He had a sneaky molar coming in waaaaay in the back. And you all know how hard it is to see inside a toddler’s mouth. 

 This sign I had in a flower pot right outside the front door. I punch a couple holes, one at top and bottom then slide a dowel through them and stuck it in the pot. 

Singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY! All smiles!!! The there’s Easton eyeballing the candle getting ready to BLOW!


 Bentley had 3 little helpers helping him open his presents. 

 The kids tackling poor Jerry. I don’t think he realized what he got himself into. 

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Bentley’s First Birthday Party.


Well this post is like WAY over due. And I’ve had half of it done for a LONG time now.

Bentley’s First Birthday Party was on May 19, 2013 {that is actually my birthday but of course it was Bentley’s day}. The theme of the party was Dinosaurs{ little dino}.  I love the whole party planning thing. Sometimes I ask why do I do this but I love the decorating and making things look “cute” and “pretty”. 
I am very lucky that my Mom and Grandma are always here to help out with the kids. They come early so I can do whatever it is I need to do, that usually is finishing up the decorating and getting the food ready to go, oh and finish making myself presentable:) Ryan is usually getting the backyard ready with the drinks and setting up the tables and chairs. Oh and he usually is the one to pick up the cake and balloons and any other last minute things I may have forgotten

This was the “sweets” display. Lots of candy and of course the cake. I got the cake from Walmart. They a ton of tiered cakes which are pretty cute. They don’t do fondant. The little Dino on top of the cake I ordered from Rebecca’s {you all know Rebecca….Cynthia’s little sister}friends sister. She also made the cookies. You can check out her facebook page here.
The little blue and green treat cups I filled with chocolate covered pretzels and purchase them from The Party Fairy on Etsy.

And the Birthday cake. Who doesn’t love watching a one year old eat their birthday cake?!

Here is Ryan cutting meat. He slaved over the grill in the 100 degree heat.

This was his lunch before cake. He had his favorite…Ravioli.

And of course anytime there are presents around Cameron and Easton are right there to help.

I tried to get a picture of the boys with cousin Autumn and this was the best one. The only thing i can say is kids WILL be kids.

This is probably my favorite birthday party picture of the the birthday boy.
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Happy Birthday Bentley!!! WOW…where does the time go?! Already ONE! 

Mommy and daddy love you so much…xoxo

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11 Months.



Well the little guy is standing all the time and is taking little baby steps. When I say baby steps I mean baby steps. Its so cute. He will take a couple then go right down to his butt. It won’t be long until he is running all over the place.  He is getting braver when it comes to climbing on things. He has started to stand on his ride on and push toys, which is a little scary when you see it from a distance. He loves being outside when his brothers are playing. He just crawls around the back patio scratching his knees and toes and could care less.  And you know he is all boy just like his brothers when he is already getting into playing with the monster trucks. He loves to push them around and has already started trying to make the monster truck noise the boys do when are playing with them….you know the…VRRROOOM VROOM sounds:)

And the poor dude was sick freaking again. He just got over a little cold like a month ago {which he gave to me} and a couple weeks ago started again and we discovered he had an ear infection. So finally on the last day of taking his antibiotics {which is today, 10 days later} he is feeling better. He has been super cranky, like to the point where we just couldn’t handle it anymore and we knew there was something going on. 

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10 Months


Well not much has change since last month. He still isn’t sleeping through the night and still really doesn’t  eat much but we are trying everyday. He really loves the little pouch thingys that they suck on, he loves the fruit smoothie ones:) Oh and of course he loves all the puffs, he will shove in a couple at a time and freak me the F%$K out when he starts gagging. He is still all over the place and getting into everything. We are constantly chasing him around. And of course he is getting over another cold…..and of course he gave it to me:)) 

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9 Months.

Well not a whole lot has changed since the last update. Still not sleeping all night and still not really eating much. Finally started to eat more of the puffs. He loves to gnaw on bread and it keeps him busy for awhile. He is still taking cat naps in the swing every once in awhile {so happy to finally get some use out of that swing}. He is wearing out the knees in his pj’s and his pants. Several have holes and are dirt stained. 

Oh and he is still as cute as can be:)

YAY…the next update is 10 months and I will be all caught up!!! Kinda sad the 12 month update is approaching ***TEARS*** LOTS OF TEARS*** only 2 months and he is a year!!! WTF??!! Where did the last year?! 

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8 Months.


Well not much has changed since last month {{once again I am a little behind and this was one of those half finished post….I am going to catch up and post 9 months within a few days and then that will bring us right at 10 months!!!}} 
He is still sleeping like crap but what’s new. He got sick and had to have an inhaler and had ear infections in BOTH ears.  He is just about done with baby food, gags it up or throws it up actually.  He will eat some fruit every once in awhile. He started cutting two more teeth so that makes a total of 8 now. He is getting faster and faster these days, I turn my head for a second and he has the toilet paper roll getting ready to throw it in the toilet:) or trying to get some kitty roca……BARF!!! He loves to play with his brothers toys and especially loves the monster trucks, which they do not like AT ALL.  He is growing so fast it’s so sad. I wish he could stay a baby just a teeny tiny bit longer. Pretty soon he is going to be running around acting like a wild child with his crazy brothers.

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7 months.


Okay I just found this unfinished unpublished post….its a little late:)) this was typed up on Dec.23

Every time I do one of these post I seriously cannot believe Bentley is a month older. He is growing so fast and doing new stuff all the time. He is sitting up now all on his own and he is also pulling himself up on his knees to play with his toys. It’s only a matter of time until he will be standing.
He is all over the house these days, even more so now. Before he would just hang out with me in the kitchen and roam around, well now he’s gotta be where all the action is and always wants to see what his brothers are doing. I had to move the crib mattress down already and I am thinking I should have just moved it down all the way.
Oh and How could I forget……A couple weeks ago his bottom teeth finally started to break through! He’s got the bottom two coming in. I am really hoping after those come he starts sleeping a little better. Even during nap time he has been a pain in the butt. He is still taking some of his naps in the swing. Both Cameron and Easton hated the swing, so its nice to finally really get to use it. I feel like we are finally getting our monies worth out of it:))

Last week we finally had his infant pictures taken. And we were lucky to get a picture of all three. 

Seriously love these boys so much!!!!

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6 Months.


This little guy is just growing too damn fast. I cannot believe Bentley is already almost 7 months old! Sometimes I wish he would just slow down and stop growing just for a little bit. He is fast moving now too. He is crawling all over and gets faster everyday. He is now wondering out of the living room into the kitchen and out of his bedroom across the hallway and into our room. And he can just about sit up on his own. Last night he was sitting up with no hands touching the floor for a few seconds. He is still such a good baby.
And still no damn teeth. I swear those damn things are never going to come in. Most of the time he is content playing and crawling around. He loves when the boys play with him and make him giggle and laugh. The night time sleep still isn’t great but it’s all good, I am used to it from the first two. Let’s just hope he sleeps through the night sooner than they did:))

A couple weeks ago he had his 6 month check-up. He is the smaller one out of three boys. He is a growing healthy baby. He weighs almost 19lbs and is 28 inches long. He still has that damn green, gooey, crusty, eye. I am still hoping it goes away on its own. Right now he is just getting over a little cold. We all had little colds so he was bound to get it sooner or later. It never really seemed to bother him, he had a runny nose and a cough. The little cough was so sad to hear. It seems to be fading….thank goodness.

 Just like his brothers, he LOVES his blanket!!!


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5 Months.


Once again….story of my life here in bloggy land, this post is a month late.

This little boy is growing so fast and getting so BIG. Why do they have to grow so fast?! They seriously are like weeds….they just keep growing and growing!!!

Bentley is still a super good baby but his sleeping at night is still sucks. I am hoping that turns around once he cuts those damn teeth.  It looks like he is pretty close so we shall see. Most of the time he is just cool and calm chilling rolling around on the floor or sitting in his little saucer {which looks like he is getting a little long for these days}. He has is 6 month check up at the end of this month and hopefully I will not wait so long to post that 6 month update:)
He’s been schooching for a awhile now but finally is getting on his knees and moving a little. It’s so cute seeing him try to crawl and get something he really wants, like the cell phone or remote, he gets so excited and moves quick for a little one learning to crawl. He gets up on his knees and rocks a little and is even trying to sit himself up. And he has pretty much mastered all the Gerber 1st foods and now we have moved to the 2nd foods and that will give him some new ones to try.
He is starting to outgrow all his 6-9 month clothes and is now wearing mostly 12 months. He is going to need some new PJ’s like real soon. He is busting out of them!!! Almost every morning I go in after he’s awake and his legs have busted open the snaps. Maybe I can find a super good deal on black Friday {if i decide to go out}.

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